Our Kickstarter is 278% funded!!! Thank you for helping us make an album (and stickers and t-shirts and EPs and and and)!!

We have TRUST ISSUES! (And you can too!)

TRUST ISSUES, art by Ben Dewey

We’ve funded our KICKSTARTER for our 4th album, entitled TRUST ISSUES. We are very very excited about this new collection of songs, most of which have never been performed. We’re building on the success of our last album, “Something’s Rotten“, and pushing ourselves to do more with our music.

On TRUST ISSUES, we write about the things that scare us and make us worry, and how we face them with bravery and knowledge… and how sometimes we don’t. 

We’re using this album to challenge ourselves musically, layering our tight trio harmonies in new and unique ways, as well as adding adding piano and other new exciting instrumentation. 

Our songwriting continues to improve as we explore and expand our range of styles, adventuring into new territories: sweet Beatles-esque rock, haunting ballads, and defiant nerd anthems. We are dealing more directly with the themes of self-confidence, social justice, and feminism, expressing these messages through the lens of our nerdy interests.

“Trust Issues” will have 13 all-ages songs: 

  • The Weather
  • We Want Rey 
  • Acoustic Kitty
  • Tiny Little Octopus 
  • I’ll Eat You Last
  • Noncompliant  
  • Nerd Love Song 
  • On The Case 
  • Delta You Delta Me 
  • Rocket Science 
  • I Go Both Ways 
  • Dolores
  • Robot vs Boy 

There’s happy stuff, sad stuff, funny stuff, and angry stuff. So much stuff! 

This album was recorded by Kevin Hahn at Opal Studio, same as our last album, Something Rotten! We are so excited to work with this talented local producer once again! We will also have guest musicians!


Stay tuned for further album news…

…trust us!