About the PDX Broadsides…

Geek Girl Con 2015

Geek Girl Con 2015

The PDX Broadsides have been playing music together since 2011. Accidentally formed as an a capella pirate shanty group, they soon branched out into their own original compositions. The Broadsides love things, and as a result many of their songs are about the things they love. Turns out those things are basically nerdy.  They have been fortunate enough to be able to operate on only the money they make as a band, which is a pretty amazing concept.

The PDX Broadsides have played all around the West Coast at venues large and small. They’ve done conventions including OryCon (as musical guest of honor), GeekGirlCon, Rose City Comic Con, and GameStorm, or you may have seen them play in shows with The Doubleclicks, Marian Call, or Chamber Band.

According to Pandora, if you like the PDX Broadsides because of their “comedic sensibility, folk roots, acoustic sonority, and paired vocal harmony”, you probably also like Jonathan Coulton, Ingrid Michaelson, Magnetic Zeroes, Karen Kilgariff, The Finches, Paul and Storm, and Barenaked Ladies. Who’s going to argue with that?

Introducing the band:

IMG_0067Christian has been a comics journalist, a judge for the 2014 Eisner Awards, and a tech support engineer. He plays drums, listens to David Bowie, and acts as a pirate in PDXYAR, but is very bad at video games.







IMG_0125Jessica is a PhD student in biology with over 12 years of scientific research specializing in pregnancy, cervical cancer, and other women’s issues. When she’s not in the lab, she’s the fire-dancing, cannon-exploding shantymistress Greta of PDXYAR and the proud Caffeinatrix merchant of Black Blood of the Earth coffee to Portland residents. Skol!





IMG_0054Hollyanna is the author of the first and second edition of the Moon Portland guidebook. She is also a representative of the Alter Egos Society, a costume and prop fabrication organization, and a performer with the live music and fire dance troupe Fire Kraken.