Amazing Rose City Comic Con 2016

What a great show! RCCC may be the best con around. The henchpeople are always friendly, the aisles are wide, the guests and vendors are wonderful… we’re torn between wishing it was more than two days and crying over our sore feet.


Once again we had a booth at the con, and this year we shared an island with The Doubleclicks, Kirby Krackle, and the PDX Browncoats. We started a joke about a competitive “Band Island” because last year we were joined in our booth by Thundering Asteroids! and Going Viral, and both of those bands ceased banding.

band-island-2015Turns out this year we met our match in these two bands. Both of them stuck it out until the end of the convention, although we did temporarily assume control of the Doubleclicks’ booth…


Members of the Doubleclicks, Thundering Asteroids!, Megathruster, and Star Pilot’s Array joined us for a panel about writing nerd music, which was very fun. There were quite a few musicians in the audience, and other folks interested in what nerd music is and can be. songwriting-panel

The official RCCC Afterparty at Dante’s was incredible – us, the Doubleclicks, Kirby Krackle, and DJ Switch. It was a crazy nerd party from 7:30 until laaaaaate. Games from Ground Kontrol, drink specials from Pabst, lots of talking with other nerds… a dream evening!Nathan Fillion!

dantesdantes-sign    dantes-dcskk-sound-check-rfndj-view-rfn dantes-jess

So MANY THANKS to Ron Brister for starting this amazing show, to Mikey Nielsen for getting our panel off the ground, and to YOU. To all of those who stopped by the booth, and those who couldn’t, we say THANKS A MILLION for being so great. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do it without you.

–Christian, Jessica, and Hollyanna

Little Fan!