CD Release Party Amazeballs!

Oh you all, we had such a great time at the CD Release Party at the TARDIS Room!

Hollyanna’s Spotify playlist was dead on, full of nerd music and show tunes. It set the mood perfectly, though the pre-show entertainment was delayed somewhat due to the damage caused by the house next door that burned down. As a result of that fire, we performed al fresco, as our usual canopy cover was burnt up!

In spite of that, we had fun performing for everyone. And a lot of you came out, even though Duran Duran was playing at Project Pabst <3. It was standing room only on the TARDIS Room patio Saturday night, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Caitlin Weierhauser slayed with her standup, talking about being raised by wolves and watching disturbing reality TV. Check her out as part of Lez Stand Up! We also loved having real live magic from Mathias the Charming Cardist, who we are worried may be blackballed by the Alliance of Magicians for revealing some SECRETS! It was really great to have some talented entertainers add to the evening’s fun.

We got to debut some new songs in our Beta set, including the Nerd Love Song, Doctor Internet, and We Want Rey! Seems like we never learn NOT to perform new songs so soon after a CD release, since people inevitably ask if they’re on the new CD. It took “Nathan Fillion (Please Take Off Your Pants)” over a year to make it to disc!

And we loved presenting our entire album in a “live streaming” format. It’s probably the only time we’ll do “Something’s Rotten” as two different songs. That’s the way it’s split on the CD, but we wrote it as one, so that’s the way we perform it. Special treat!

There were new CDs, new tshirts, stickers… we loved seeing all fans of all ages enjoying our music! The CD is available tomorrow! We’ll see you all at Rose City Comic Con in booth 1068 and at the official RCCC Afterparty!



Beta Set
Take The Air
Our Time For Ennui
Doctor Internet
I Go Both Ways
Nerd Love Song
Lorem Ipsum
On The Case
We Want Rey
Rolling In The Sheep

Album Set
The Girl Who Couldn’t Even
Something’s Rotten: Hamlet’s Lament
Meant To Be
Astronaut’s Hymn
Far Away and Distant One
The Ultimate Riot
Something’s Rotten: Ophelia’s Retort
I Ship It
Nathan Fillion (Please Take Off Your Pants)