Emerald City! More Shows!

Emerald City Comic Con was, as usual, a vortex of awesome. Jessica hosted a panel about Nerd Music with Christian and friends Chris Waffle (Megathruster), Kielen King (Star Pilot), Quinn Allen (Kid Apocalypse), and Sunnie Larsen (Vixy & Tony). Some really great talk about what the music means to all of us, how we give back to the community, and our nerd music recommendations. It was an opportunity to tell others about how and why we do what we do!

photo by Sarah Spoon

Our show was a lot of fun, too. We had a ton of folks in the audience we’d never met before, which is always a plus. Special shout-outs to the new fans who stopped to chat with us, especially the woman who met us at GeekGirlCon in 2015 and learned about Science Communication from Jessica – read about it on her blog!

We played some songs from the new album, which will be called TRUST ISSUES, and we’ll have more information about the upcoming Kickstarter we are launching for it!

photo by @EditrixW

photo by @LadyOfWays











Speaking of our new album, we met up with the artist who will be doing our album cover, and you are going to LOVE their work as much as we do! (heh, more on that later)

Later that night at KrackleFest 7, we got to meet up again with our old pals Chamber Band, who played songs from their concept albums DEITIES, CAREERS, and their upcoming GOVERNOR’S SQUARE. We opened for them when they were in town back in 2015, and have remained in touch. NYC-area tour in the future? WHO KNOWS.

If you don’t know H2Awesome, you SHOULD! 100% entertaining from start to finish. Their front man Charlie was nonstop, jumping around and chewing up all the scenery. Some really fun songs about the Planet of the Apes, watching Frodo and Fredo on TV, and a smashing, epic, Inigo Montoya. If you are familiar with Danaerys and the Targaryens, you’d recognize a few of the musicians…

Hosts Kirby Krackle brought the house down at the end of the night with their picture-perfect stage show, which thanks to the structural integrity of the building is only a metaphor. Special guests and fun singalong tunes were the hallmark of the performance. 


ALSO WE ARE IN A COLORING BOOK! Monkey Minion Press’ Dane Ault (who did the ECCC banners) made a coloring book based on his EUREKA! book of scientists, and used the lyrics to our song as the words for the pages! You all, we are published!!


We’ll be back up in Seattle in THREE WEEKS to play a show at the Red Door in Fremont. We’re entertaining a cohort of scientists in town for the ComSciCon conference, including one Jessica Hebert! We hope she likes us! Check the Shows page for exact times and dates.

We’ll see you on the road and on the internet, lovelies – stay true!