International Women’s Day

In honor of National Women’s Day, we decided to each take a moment to write about an amazing woman who inspires us. Guess what happened? We all wrote about our moms! Awwww.


International Women’s Day is about inspiring women and girls to be strong, brave and bold; and while she may not realize it herself, no one taught me more about that than my mother. Even as a wee little Holly, I understood that my mom was driven by curiosity and compassion. She is smart and funny and just as able to listen as she is to speak her mind. She, like Winnie-the-Pooh, is braver than she believes, stronger than she seems and smarter than you (or even she) may think. Thank you, mom for giving me the strength and spirit to be the woman I am today!


On International Women’s Day, I think the woman who has most influenced me would have to be my mom. She has always been a strong advocate for women and not afraid of a challenge. When we lived in Kentucky, she campaigned door-to-door for the Equal Rights Amendment, despite being faced with strong resistance from the women she was trying to help. That has stayed with me, the idea that you do the right thing, even if people offer resistance. Thanks for the lessons, Mom!


The official theme for 2017’s International Women’s Day is “Be Bold For Change.” If you’ve met my mom, Joann, you know that “bold” is definitely in her vocabulary. She is polite as heck (the famous Midwest Nice), but she always finds a way to speak her mind. I get my vocal volume from her: there wasn’t an assembly or award ceremony growing up where you couldn’t distinctly hear her yelling encouragements. I heard her over the din of all the noise at my college graduation like she was next to the stage. The best part about my mom’s boldness: when she sees a need, she steps up to help lead community efforts. When we lived overseas, she saw a need for more Red Cross volunteers. She worked tirelessly as a caseworker, and eventually turned that love of helping others into her job at Minot Housing Authority, helping people with limited resources but great need get affordable, safe housing. My mom has a kind, giving heart of service, and I’m proud that I learned that and so many other things about what power women can have from her. Thanks, Mom.

P.S. If you’re looking for a kick-butt, organized, knowledgeable, friendly office manager/admin-type in the greater Portland area, you can hire my mom! My folks are looking to relocate. Please message us if you have an opportunity; it would mean the world.

P.P.S. Sorry I didn’t tell you about the livestream last night, Mom. We’re going to do something live tonight, though, okay? At around 7 PM PST. I am worst kid but I love you