NEW ALBUM! Reviews! and podcast!

SO many great things to talk about today. It’s good to be a Broadside!


It’s here! At long last, Aim To Misbehave is taking its first hesitant plays on its brand new media. Or some similar sort of newborn farm animal metaphor.

Preorders are already shipped out and arriving in hot little hands all over the country – here’s Jill Webb’s copy with a li’l Captain Tightpants!
Jill Webb A2MIt’s so strange to see something that we made ourselves out there in the ‘verse, but also really really great. Thank you so sincerely to everyone who has already purchased a copy.


And we’ve got our first reviews coming in from the internet:

  • GeekDad reviews the album and evaluates its family-friendlinessability (probably not a word)
    • “it’s fantastic”
  • The Geek Hard Show goes deep into some of the tracks in a comprehensive review
    • “a fun and easy going album that talks about all the stuff nerds care about”
  • Seattle Geekly loved our variety in their review
    • “I was so impressed by how many different geeky things they touch on in this album”


Not to be left out by any means, our appearance on The Karl Show! (starring Jason) is up and ready for download! This was a whole 90-minute show just with us – we played some songs that are influential to us, and also performed live on the air. Karl and Jason are always entertaining, and they really did their research for the show.