On the Road Again

Hello, Little Octopuses! Our new album Trust Issues is out and the reviews are coming in! We all really loved this one from Geek Hard. Keep sending us your reviews and photos because we love getting your feedback, too. You can also send us your questions about the album, as we will soon be recording our commentary track (as promised in the Kickstarter campaign)! Are you wondering what a particular song is about? Do you want to know where we got our inspiration? Want to know why Jessica is STILL singing about Twilight? Don’t know who DeConnick is? Ask us! We will collect your questions and answer as many of them as we can.

But before we do that, we are hitting the road again! This time, our tour takes us down the I-5 corridor to Northern California and we are so excited to visit new venues and sing our songs at some shiny, new faces. First up is San Francisco, where we will stop at The Bindery (1727 Haight St, booksmith.com/Bindery), a new bookstore from the long-established fixture of Haight-Ashbury, Booksmith. The Bindery houses a “living collection of books organized by the date they were written” and we just can’t wait to check it out. We will be joined once again by the amazing Leslie Hudson for this all-ages 7 p.m. show and you can get your tickets right here, right now.

Next up is Oakland, where we will roll for initiative at EndGame (921 Washington St., endgameoakland.com). We are all huge fans of tabletop gaming, so we are thrilled to be invited to play at this popular gathering and gaming shop in historic downtown Oakland.  The suggested donation is $5 for all ages and you can even donate in advance right here. Leslie will join us for one final show before she jets off on the rest of her truly epic tour (find out more details about that here)!

We can’t wait to see all you Nor Cal Octopuses! Find us on Twitter for updates on the trip and an inside look at how we are torturing each other along the way. You can also follow us on Spotify to see if we create another epic road trip play list. Spoilers: they can get pretty silly.