Our first-ever tour, to celebrate TRUST ISSUES, will take us to three different states and one province – that’s right, we’re going international! Hear songs from the new album, and get your hands on it before release date AUGUST 15th!

On the second leg of the tour we will be joined by Leslie Hudson, a singer/pianist from Toronto, who is on her own six-month tour of the States! We make a fierce combo, so maybe don’t miss out if we’re near you! We have dates in Seattle and Vancouver BC, followed by the PIZZA PARTY that our Kickstarter backers got for us! From there we venture south all the way to California, which is a looong way to drive for a first tour, but we’re going to have a great time.

Many many thanks to our Kickstarter backers, whose pledges helped us expand our tour greatly – this is going to be the best.