We tried to make him happy, but it just ended up creepy.

The TRUST ISSUES Kickstarter is officially complete, and we can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you have given us. We cracked every single stretch goal we set up, even the ones that at first seemed pure fantasy. We ended up with $12,538 and that is so exciting!

All goals reached!!

We’ll be celebrating for the rest of the night (and most of tomorrow), but we’re not done working for you – we’ll be fulfilling rewards and making plans for the rest of the year, which we now call The Year of Trust Issues.

Cool name.

When we were about to launch the Kickstarter… well, let’s go back and say that we were never going to do a Kickstarter because it seemed so daunting. Then we hired Angela to be our patient caretaker, and it became a possibility. But anyway, when we were about to launch, we talked a little about how we would want to push hard in the last week so that we could make our goal for the album. That fantasy was dispelled before the night was out, as we realized that we were going to fund in less than twenty-four hours, thanks to you!

16 hours!!!

The amazement continued for the next four weeks as you helped us blow through stretch goal after stretch goal. We had to add another one in the last week because you helped get the word out about a little nerdy trio who sing about cool stuff.

Stay with us on this ride, because the Year of Trust Issues has just begun! Hmmm… it’s the first day of the year 1 T.I., which weirdly starts on May 11. Okay, we’ll workshop that, but not right now because we’re CELEBRATING!!!